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After a dog I knew passed away from choking, I decided that the “just give it to them and they’ll work it out” mentality wasn't good enough for me.

Realising that many others felt the same way, I founded Lunoji and got to work.

The result was CHEWDEN, a patent-pending dog enrichment tool. With it, dog chews and frozen treats can be safer, mess-free, and longer-lasting.

Hi, I'm Adrian, and this is Oji the greyhound. Together, we want to help remove barriers that stand between modern life and care for our dogs.


Made for dogs
Designed for you

At Lunoji, we create things that humans love, for the ultimate betterment of our dogs.

Taking good care of our dogs isn’t always easy, especially without the right tools. We aim to help people treat their dogs better. We do this by creating products designed to balance and serve the needs of both humans and dogs.

They might not be concerned about dirty paws, messy floors or safety; but we do. That’s why our products are made for dogs, but designed for you.

Our products are designed in Singapore. Safety is our priority, and we opt for minimal and recyclable materials where possible.

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