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Make Dog Treats
Safe, Clean & Interactive

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Help prevent choking

Dogs can attempt to swallow entire chew treats. CHEWDEN Grip secures the end of your dog's chew to create a barrier of safety against choking and blockage, so you can have peace of mind.

Stop the mess

Contains any crumbs, drool and slime from chew treats like bully sticks, natural chews, and even melting 'pupsicles'. Giving treats should be fun - no more unhygienic stains and endless cleaning up after your dogs.

More interaction

No more devouring food in seconds. Our patent-pending system keeps your dog stimulated and slows them down by making it more difficult to use their molars to break and swallow chunks.



Your dog eats from a bowl, so why do treats belong on the floor?

How Grip works

Insert, squeeze, strap, and snap. It's as simple as that. No drills, screwdrivers, or endless twisting required.

How Trove works

Get creative and fill up Trove with goodness - think yoghurt, peanut butter, meat, fruit etc. Freeze solid and snap onto the base the same way. 

What people say


Dr. Michelle Ong
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Miteki Degawa
Veterinary Surgeon

Sarah Beilfuss
Certified Dog Trainer

We absolutely love CHEWDEN for its form and functionality. It helps negate the risk of obstruction by slowing the intake of chews, allowing for benefits of chewing like mental stimulation and improved dental care to prevail.

I was impressed with the design of CHEWDEN, as it keeps hold of that last little bit most dogs would swallow in a flash!

I love the idea of CHEWDEN - particularly the frozen treat trove. It’s a great way of giving dogs and puppies high value treats and enrichment, that lasts longer if it’s frozen! 

I've been holding on to dog's chews for fear that she might choke. Bull pizzle, shark cartilage, pig ears, you name it. With CHEWDEN, I can now be assured that choking is less likely. And my hands won't smell bad anymore! Can't wait for the final product!

Sin Hui P. | Corgi

Prototype 14 & Sample Tester