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Safer, mess-free, and
longer-lasting enrichment

Help prevent choking

Dogs can attempt to swallow entire chew treats. CHEWDEN Grip secures the end of your dog's chew to create a barrier of safety against choking and blockage, so you can have peace of mind.

Treat mess-free

CHEWDEN can contain any treat mess on the easy-wipe Base. It can be stationed at a location of your choice, whether it is on the floor, carpet, or on the sofa. Even without the Base, Grip and Trove keeps treats off of paws so that slimy paws can be a thing of the past.

Engage for longer

Whether it is Trove's thick insulated walls keeping treats frozen for longer, or Grip getting your dog to work on the last bit of chew, keeping dogs occupied for longer with the same amount of treat is now a possibility. Your dog can now reap more dental and mental stimulation benefits along the way!


Chewing and licking are great dog enrichment activities. And it just got better.

A Modular System

The CHEWDEN Base works with both the Grip and Trove. Use Grip for a safer, more hygienic chew experience. Swap it out for Trove to give your dog a long-lasting frozen treat without it rolling all over the home and making a mess.

Not too fussed about the mess? Or thinking of taking treats outdoors? You can opt to use Grip or Trove without the Base. They're designed to function on their own too!

What people say


Dr. Michelle Ong
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Miteki Degawa
Veterinary Surgeon

Sarah Beilfuss
Certified Dog Trainer

We absolutely love CHEWDEN. It helps negate the risk of obstruction by slowing the intake of chews, allowing for benefits of chewing like mental stimulation and improved dental care to prevail.

I was impressed with the design of CHEWDEN, as it keeps hold of that last little bit most dogs would swallow in a flash!

I love the idea of CHEWDEN - particularly the frozen treat trove. It’s a great way of giving dogs and puppies high value treats and enrichment, that lasts longer if it’s frozen! 

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